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A Small Sample Of Press

"One of the best acoustic and electric guitarists in the folk genre."


"One of the finest instrumentalists in the business."
-Press Democrat

"Enough can't be said about how valuable Nina Gerber is to so many acoustic music projects in the area… Yet to put herself in the spotlight she deserves, Gerber has evolved from the late Kate Wolf's accompanist into an accomplished arranger and producer and a ubiquitous sidewoman… Gerber fleshes out each tune with brisk fills and sensitive solos that never distract from the fundamental feeling or direction of the composition. Unlike so many showboating rock guitarists these days, she plays to the singer and song, not to a video-addled audience's idea of virtuosity. ...Impeccable taste… Subtle six-string brilliance."
-East Bay Express

"The evening's real star... Gerber usually says little and lets her guitar do the talking. She is a not-so-underground legend. Her wide-ranging folk-country-jazz-blues stylings have backed dozens of performers on stage and record."
-Oakland Tribune

"Dazzling on flatpick guitar and mandolin."
-Victory Review

"Remarkable accompanist... A star in her own right... Gerber's contribution is magnificent..."
-San Francisco Examiner

"Deft and engrossing mandolin and guitar work. Gerber was the star, a high-caliber musician who deserves to be out front."
-Independent Coast Observer

"A major talent."
-Stockton Record

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