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Kate Wolf – Live In Mendocino

Kate Wolf collection of live concerts recording in Mendocino County, California from 1979 to 1982.

Live In Mendocino

New collection coming Summer 2018.  Visit our Kickstarter in the Spring!

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 Photo by Nicholas Wilson.

Photo by Nicholas Wilson.

Bringing Live In Mendocino to Life

Kate Wolf had a great affinity for the California coast, and she frequently performed in Mendocino County venues in the middle years of her career. When Nicholas Wilson told Kate’s family that he had recorded many of these shows, we were excited about the prospect of releasing them. Nick's 15 hours of tapes were made directly from the soundboard at each concert, and he painstakingly digitized nearly 200 song performances. We then turned to Nina Gerber, Kate’s long time accompanist, who had compiled two other posthumous Kate Wolf collections. Her deep and intimate familiarity with Kate’s music, along with a desire for quality that matched Kate’s, resulted in a selection of 20 tracks that we feel beautifully represent Kate. We’re particularly delighted about the inclusion of three previously unreleased Kate Wolf songs.


Kate Wolf   vocals, guitar
Nina Gerber   harmony vocals, mandolin, harmonica, guitar
Ford James   harmony vocals, bass
Rick Byars   harmony vocals, bass

10 Album Tracks for the Kickstarter Base Goal

Listen to the 1-minute clips below to get a taste of the pending album. In the Spring, we’re looking to Kate’s friends and fans to bring the album to life via Kickstarter. When we meet our base goal, we commit to releasing a 10-track album that includes the three “new” Kate Wolf songs as well as five songs written by others that have not appeared on Kate Wolf albums. On top of that, stretch goals can bring us to a album with all 20 songs.

10 Additional Tracks for Kickstarter Stretch Goals

These are live recordings of songs that also appear on Kate's first three studio albums. Each track will be added to the album as we accomplish stretch goals in our Kickstarter campaign.


Compiled and Produced by Max Wolf
Sound Service and Recording by Nicholas Wilson
Mastered by Gary Mankin and Nina Gerber
Photographs  by Nicholas Wilson

Recorded at Crown Hall in Mendocino, Greenwood Oasis in Elk, and The Well in Mendocino

Release History

2018  Owl Records OWL-018

 Nina Gerber performing with Kate Wolf at Crown Hall in Mendocino in 1982. Photo by Nicholas Wilson.

Nina Gerber performing with Kate Wolf at Crown Hall in Mendocino in 1982. Photo by Nicholas Wilson.