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Kate Wolf Awards


World Folk Music Association
Kate Wolf Memorial Award

The following text is from the WFMA's 1995 annual benefit concert program.

Kate Wolf was never a pop star, never had a hit, and more than eight years following her death from leukemia, her music has spread mostly by word-of-mouth. But as her many fans have known, since they first heard her voice, her heartfelt, seemingly simple songs have the power to change lives. "She sang of the awareness of being," as one reviewer put it.

This award was established at the Second Annual WFMA Benefit Concert in February, 1987 and is awarded annually to the performer who best epitomizes the music and spirit of the late California singer-songwriter.

Because Kate and her music made a significant difference in people's lives, and because of her influence on other performers, the World Folk Music Association is proud to be the vehicle through which her presence will always be with us. The singer-songwriter chosen for the Kate Wolf Award receives a grant, a plaque and an invitation to perform at the annual WFMA Concert. Selection of the honoree is made by a committee consisting of Kate's fellow performers and friends. Previous recipients are Utah Phillips, Christine Lavin, Rosalie Sorrels, Robin Batteau, Wavy Gravy (Hugh Romney), Peter Yarrow.

  • The 1995 recipient was Crow Johnson
  • The 1996 recipient was Nanci Griffith
  • The 1997 recipient was Jack Hardy
  • The 1998 recipient was Tom Chapin
  • The 1999 recipient was David Buskin

World Folk Music Association, P.O. Box 40553, Washington, DC 20016


The National Association of Independent Record Distributors and Manufacturers (subsequently known as AFIM and then A2IM) presented Kate with five awards.

  • 1983: Best Folk Album for Give Yourself To Love
  • 1986: Best Folk Album for Poet's Heart
  • 1987: Best Folk Album for Gold In California
  • 1987: Kate Wolf became the first musician inducted into the NAIRD Independent Music Hall of Fame
  • 1989: Best Folk Album for An Evening In Austin

Kerrville Music Awards

The Kerrville Folk Festival inducted Kate Wolf into its Hall Of Fame in 1993.