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Using a Kate Wolf Song

Using A Kate Wolf Song

If you'd like to use a Kate Wolf song in a wedding, book, recording or other adventure, please read on. And Kate's family thanks you for sharing her music with others!


Using Give Yourself To Love or another Song in a Wedding or Other Personal Event

Every year, Kate's family receives requests from couples who wish to use Give Yourself To Love at their weddings. Our reply: by all means... go ahead! And warm wishes from us.

If you need sheet music, you'll find it in the Kate Wolf Songbook. We also sell individual leadsheets for guitar.

Kate Wolf Songbook
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Another Sundown Publishing Company

Record A Kate Wolf Song

Would you like to record one of Kate's songs? Wonderful! You don't need to get permission to record a previously recorded song. Just fill out a form using these instructions and you're all set.


  1. Download the Another Sundown Publishing Company Mechanical License.

  2. Fill it out (one document per song).

  3. Email it to or mail it to:
    Another Sundown Publishing Company
    P.O. Box 198, Forest Knolls, California 94933, USA

  4. We will return a completed form to you for your records

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Other Uses, Including a Book or Movie

Please contact us at