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A Note About Breezes

An album called Breezes was released in late 1995 by Gadfly Records. It is a re-release of an album called We Walked by the Water, originally released on Shoostryng Records by Lionel Kilberg. It was published in 1973, three years before Kate's first album. The original album artwork states "Lionel Kilberg and Kate Wolf with Don Coffin".

Lionel Kilberg wrote all the lyrics, and then asked Kate to write the music and perform on the album. Kate did not write the lyrics, and the songs were not co-written in the sense of a simultaneous cooperative collaborative effort.

In 1986, when Kate compiled her retrospective album, Gold In California, she reviewed We Walked By The Water as a possible source of material. She decided that it was not representative of her work, and did not include any songs from it.

Although the original album may be of some historical interest to some Kate Wolf fans, Kate's family feels that the Breezes repackaging unfairly represents the recording as a "Kate Wolf album", when it is largely a Lionel Kilberg album with Kate's accompaniment.

We hope that the public will consider the above facts to put Breezes into perspective.