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Kate Wolf's Song - Give Yourself To Love

All about Kate Wolf's song Give Yourself To Love.

Give Yourself To Love

Words and Music by Kate Wolf

Altogether, Kate Wolf wrote close to 200 songs, and recorded 60. Without doubt, the most beloved of that group is ‘Give Yourself to Love’, a gentle tune about conquering fear of intimacy and opening up the heart.
— Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle, 1987


Kind friends all gathered ‘round
      there’s something I would say
That what brings us together here
      has blessed us all today

Love has made a circle
      that holds us all inside
Where strangers are as family
      and loneliness can’t hide

            You must give yourself to love
                  if love is what you’re after
            Open up your heart
                  to the tears and laughter
            And give yourself to love
                  give yourself to love

I’ve walked these mountains in the rain
      I’ve learned to love the wind
I’ve been up before the sunrise
      to watch the day begin


I always knew I’d find you
      though I never did know how
But like sunshine on a cloudy day
      you stand before me now

            So give yourself to love…

Love is born in fire
      it’s planted like a seed
Love can’t give you everything
      but it gives you what you need

Love comes when you are ready
      love comes when you’re afraid
It will be your greatest teacher
      the best friend you have made

            So give yourself to love…

            Give yourself to love…

© 1982 Another Sundown Publishing Company

She wrote it for two good friends on the afternoon of their wedding in Nevada City. She was supposed to sing a couple Bob Dylan tunes, but she had a couple hours to kill before the wedding so she went into a bedroom with her guitar, closed the door and just churned it out in a couple hours. She sang it at the ceremony, and her friend Nadine who was getting married cried. The minister cried. And Kate cried. She started doing the song in concerts, and immediately got requests from people to sing ‘Give Yourself to Love’ at their weddings.
— Max Wolf, Kate's Son, 1987