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A Kate Wolf Retrospective

Kate Wolf Store

Kate’s family continues to run Kate’s business, Owl Productions, selling the songbooks, videos and albums we publish. Orders placed through Owl directly support our mission to keep Kate’s music alive and available. Thank you for your support. Use this page to order online, or download an order form. Questions? Contact us at

A Kate Wolf Retrospective

A Kate Wolf Retrospective - front.png
A Kate Wolf Retrospective - back.png
A Kate Wolf Retrospective - front.png
A Kate Wolf Retrospective - back.png

A Kate Wolf Retrospective


Recorded live at the first Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival in 1996 in Sebastopol, California. Featuring 15 songs performed by Kate's musical friends.

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  Introduction by Wavy Gravy
Cyrus Clark with Nina Gerber, Mike Mullins and Ford James:
  Across The Great Divide
  The Redtail Hawk
Alisa Fineman:
  The Trumpet Vine
Karen Almquist with Nina Gerber and Ford James:
  Friend Of Mine
  These Times We're Living In
The Perfect Crime:
  Goin' Away (Bruce Phillips)
Utah Phillips:
  Introduction to Aces, Straights & Flushes
  Aces, Straights & Flushes (Utah Phillips, Nancy Katz, Kate Wolf)
Caswell Carnahan with Ted Dutcher:
  Pacheco (Robin Williamson)
Terry Garthwaite
  Thinking About You
Nina Gerber with Ford James and Karen Almquist:
  Back Roads(instrumental)
Rosalie Sorrels with Nina Gerber and Bruce Barthol:
  Songs For Daughters/Mama (Rosalie Sorrels)
The Cache Valley Drifters:
  Eyes Of A Painter
  Like A River
The Wildwood Flower:
  It Ain't In The Wine (Lee Slaff)
  Amazing Grace (Traditional)
All songs written by Kate Wolf and published by Another Sundown Publishing Co. (BMI) except as otherwise indicated.

Liner Notes

This festival, of which this recording is a reflection, was a retrospective of Kate's music.  But past that, it was a celebration of friendship, a communion among those who have lost a friend, one who cannot be replaced.
- Utah Phillips.
Of all the various projects and concerts I've worked on, this had to be the most fulfilling because of the warm, loving feelings that everyone involved brought to the project.  We all hope you enjoy this little piece of what was truly a wonderful day.
- Cloud Moss, Cumulus Productions
PS: Would the owner of the blue Datsun pickup please move it.
You’re blocking the road. Thanks.

Live mix to two track recording and mastering by Brian Walker, assisted by Robert Berenson. Live sound provided by Deaf Louie Sound - Michael Bendinelli assisted by David Trouse. Festival Photograph by Max Wolf. Kate Wolf photograph by Art Rogers/Pt. Reyes.

Thanks to Kate’s family, who continues to keep Kate’s music and memory alive. For more information about Kate, visit Thanks also to all the performers and volunteers who made this possible, and especially to Dwight & Helen Caswell.

Released by Gargoyle Records
GAR 70107
P.O. Box 1339
Forestville, CA95436