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Kate Wolf Revisited

Kate Wolf Store

Kate’s family continues to run Kate’s business, Owl Productions, selling the songbooks, videos and albums we publish. Orders placed through Owl directly support our mission to keep Kate’s music alive and available. Thank you for your support. Use this page to order online, or download an order form. Questions? Contact us at

Kate Wolf Revisited

Songbook 2 Cover.png
Songbook 2 Cover.png
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Kate Wolf Revisited


Songs volume 2.

• 95 Songs (many with quotes by Kate)
• 50 Photos and Concert Posters
• 190 Pages
• Comb Binding
• Music for Guitar
• Foreword by Tom Paxton

This companion volume to the first Kate Wolf Songbook features Kate's songs from the subsequently released albums The Wind Blows Wild, Looking Back At You, Carry It On and Live In Mendocino. Since the first songbook embodied Kate's works only, we made it a point to "revisit" some of her favorite songs that she recorded that were written by others. These include Telluride and the concert favorite The Ballad Of Weaverville.

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Most of the selections in this book are songs that were recorded or performed but never released on albums. Kate was a prolific songwriter, and there wasn't nearly enough time or album space to release everything she wanted. The book is ordered chronologically, providing an interesting glimpse into the development of her songs. A section of the book is devoted to songs that Kate wrote but never set to music. They are presented as poetry.

There was a humanity in her singing, a generosity of spirit that never failed to move me. With Kate, the message was always --- always -- love. I never met a warmer-hearted person than Kate Wolf -- ever.
- Tom Paxton (from the Foreword)

In addition to the foreword by Tom Paxton, the book includes a lengthy introduction discussing many of the lesser known songs. We also wanted to present how Kate felt about her songs, so we culled excerpts from hundreds of concert and radio tapes, resulting in insightful quotes of Kate's own words.

Like the first songbook, there are many photos, but this time we've also included several concert posters. These feature photos of Kate and many musicians with whom she headlined. There's even a flyer showing Kate performing at her first regular venue, in 1965! In addition, the book has a complete-to-date discography.

Songs in the Book from Kate's Albums

Agent Orange Muriel Hogan
Although I've Gone Away
The Ballad Of Weaverville Jim Ringer & Mary McCaslin
Clearing In The Forest Bruce Phillips
Fly Away
Full Time Woman Alice Stuart
The Hobo Hugh Shacklett
It Ain't In The Wine Lee Slaff
Laugh Like That
Legend In His Time Cyrus Clark & David West
Midnight On The Water John Croizat/Traditional
The Minstrel
Monday In The Mountains
Old And Lonely Sound
Old Jerome
The Old Street Singer
Pacheco Robin Williamson
Rising Of The Moon
Rock Salt And Nails Bruce Phillips
Shadow Of A Life
Springfield Mountain Coal Miner Cyrus Clark
Statues Made Of Clay
Streets Of Calgary
Sweet Companion John McNicholas
Telluride David West & Cyrus Clark
Traveling Day Jack W. Aldrich & Kate Wolf
The Wind Blows Wild
We Were Strangers

Unreleased Songs in the Book

Aces, Straights And Flushes Bruce Phillips, Nancy Katz, & Kate Wolf
Baby, Is It Just In Case?
Blank Pages
Cable Car Cowboy
Carry Me Away
Changing Of The Road
Chase The Morning Sun
Country Music In The Rain
Dancing On The Dark Side
E.S.P. (If I Ever Needed A Friend)
The Eggplant Song
Father Sky
Feel So Good Inside
Fire in The Wind
A Friend You Can Count On
Golden Harmony
Green Hills
Guess I'm Just A Coward
I Thank My Lucky Stars That I Found You
I Woke Up Dreaming
I'm Hurting Since You Went Away
In Loving You So Long
Jenny Wind
Just An Angel Band
Just Another Picker In The Band
KVMR Radio Song
Kate's Song
Life Could Be So Easy
Links In The Chain
Live And Learn
Lonesome And Restless
A Long Way To Travel   David Tamulevich
Note: the first printing incorrectly identifies Kate as the author; 
due to a research error, which Kate's family deeply regrets.  
The misattribution will be corrected in the next printing.
Midnight Flyer
Midnight Star
New Day Coming
North Main Street
November Moon
Peace Carol
Peyote Song
Pirates In The Wind
Red Mountain Ranch
Right As The Rain
Rising In My Eyes
Rolling Sea Of Time
San Geronimo Valley
Send It On A Rainbow
She Was Born To Be A Singer
Sitting Here With You
Song For Johnny
Steady As A Rock
Talk To Me
There's Lots I Could Have Told Her
Thinking About You
Tonight You Loved The Memories Out Of Me
Up Above The Clouds
We Still Survive
We're Going To A Wedding Day
We've Loved Away The Night
When You Live Outside The Law
Wood Stoves And Bread Loaves
You And I Together
You Don't Have To Knock Your Woman Down
You Made Me See Myself
You Never Really Saw Me As I Am
You're The One